Creative Pets

I have recently been writing about the creative process a lot recently and I got to thinking about our furry muses. If you have a pet, I can just about guarantee that they have “aided” your creative process from time to time.

Personally, I have cats and so do many of my close friends. They can be quite humorous when they are trying to “help”. One such cat is Leelee and she is about 12 years old and set in her ways. She loves anyone and will definitely come check out your  lap and beg for scratches. This happens so often that we have gotten a laptop light enough to sit on top of her and not disturb her need for “lap time”.
I am very fortunate that none of my “fur kids” care about my knitting. This makes it pretty easy to keep things relatively fur free. The bulk of my yarn stash is kept behind two closed doors. I also have my project bag and a basket in the living room with yarn for current and upcoming projects.

I did, however, have an interesting experience when I started playing with spool knitting wire for jewelry. There must have been a slight noise or shimmer to the wire because I was quickly stalked by two different cats. Every now and then a paw would reach out to the head covered wire. I had to bring out the dreaded squirt bottle to discourage my muses from my project.

Do you have any stories about your own furry muses?
Jenny M

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