Our Creative Process Part 3

The hunt for yarn is on! Often this step is tied pretty closely with finding a technique because one can be very dependent on the other. I am personally a very bug fan of worsted weight and bulky yarns. I can often substitute 2 strands of worsted weight for a bulky yarn.

Once you know the weight of the yarn you will need then you can start delving into the rainbow of colors. Sometimes your pattern idea can involve a specific color or colors. I find this to very common when I am working on personal commissions and fandom  related requests. This is why I like bulky or worsted weight yarn, there are so many options! When my pattern is limited by color, I usually start looking for colors first and then find patterns to fit the yarns I find.
While we are on the subject of yarn, let’s get one thing straight. There is nothing wrong with acrylic yarn. There is nothing wrong with natural fibers. Each has its place but sometimes the differences can change the nature of a product. Some have a bit of stretch and give but others do not. Also, many natural fibers (like wool) require special care in cleaning and our average client is not a fiber nerd. Although the care for wool is not hard, many people still balk at the idea and changing their minds is simply not what Yarn Twisters is about. Bringing joy with our creations is what we are about.
Jenny M

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