Our Creative Process Part 2

We recently posted a blog on where we get the ideas for our creative process. You may be asking, “what comes next?” It depends on whether the idea we have comes from adapting an existing pattern/idea or building from scratch.

You may have noticed that I didn’t cite Pinterest as a source of ideas. We both have MANY craft related items on our boards but these don’t come to fruition as often as the others. It is however great for the next step: finding a pattern or technique.
Usually if the idea is from scratch, I use Pinterest to search for possible patterns or techniques. I am a bit picky with my patterns because once I have used a pattern I find my self constantly changing and trying to improve it or adapt it for other ideas. Usually, I will find a technique in random pattern that I can repurpose and not a full pattern. The wings for my Cthulhu plushes are a good example of this. These were adapted from a dragon pattern I found but have been tweaked numerous times since I first found them.
The next step is often tied very close to finding a technique for me. Knowing what kind of yarn you want to use or need to use can often narrow down your hunt for the techniques that you can utilize.
Jenny M

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