What is Yarn Twisters Creative Process?

I think this varies between the two of us but I can certainly tell you what I have watched happen for both of us over the years.
Creativity is often inspired by so many things and these are the top places where we have gotten inspiration for ideas.
1.Friends & Family – If you are any kind of crafter you are probably subjected to the occasional request of, “Can you make this for me?”  We get a lot of ideas from our our friends and family. Some are personal commissions that may not be something we plan to remake for the shop but more often we find this request becoming another item in our line up of products.
2. Events – Another place we get inspiration is our many events that we attend. We talk with so many people and often little ideas or comments become the inspiration for a new product idea. This is also a great opportunity to see what is currently popular among the public and with other vendors.
3. Oops? – You would be surprised at how many little mistakes become the root of a new idea. I think the best example that I can give is our Pirate Pete plush. I was working on another plush leg when I realized I had not increased enough to make the leg thick enough. As I proceeded to fix my mistake I remember thinking out loud, ” hey, I think I could easily make a peg leg, do you think a pirate plush would be cool?” The thought was well received and I soon made Pete for the first time.
I also see us come away with almost more ideas than we can handle sometimes. I have so many ideas stirring around in my “brain stew” that I just haven’t had the right push to make it a reality. Often we get a request that we jump on because it finally gives us a chance to play with an idea!!
Jenny M
Through the peep hole at illogicon
It’s always fun being surrounded by our yarn creations.

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