New jewelry projects are coming…

We always have fun trying new things and in the last year we’ve been experimenting with knitted and crocheted jewelry.  The first jewelry that we made were knitted and crocheted bow ties and mustaches that we hung on chains. It was a good starting point to flex our creative muscles. After this Shannon moved up to using beaded crochet thread to construct colorful necklaces and bracelets.

My first bow tie necklace. Isn’t it cool?


It took some time, as well as trial and error, to find the the right gauge jewelry wire that was strong yet flexible enough to knit or crochet with it. Fortunately, there are many resources on Pinterest and also YouTube to learn some of the basics of jewelry crafting. My first attempt at a knit wire bracelet was discouraging because I was using a wire gauge that was too heavy for that type of manipulation. For me a 28 gauge jewelry wire has worked the best.

28 Gauge


28 I have been mainly done spool knitting to create the pieces and it creates a nice intricate design. Next I want to play with different size beads and even caging the beads.


I’ve only done a few pieces of knitted wire jewelry but so far they have turned out quite lovely I’ve got two full sets of matching bracelet and necklace and then a couple of balls as well I think they have turned out quite well and I cannot wait to play with more features stay tuned to see what we do next.




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