Mobile Credit Card Readers: Etsy Mobile Reader

Etsy is the online retailer of handmade crafts and they recently came out with their own Etsy Card Reader. There is a separate app for Etsy shoppers and Etsy sellers, so you will need to be sure that you have the “Sell on Etsy” app to get started. For anyone who is already selling on Etsy, it syncs up with your existing shop inventory and will reduce that inventory with each sale. These mobile sales can be viewed with the Etsy’s existing sales reporting. The app navigation itself seems to be a bit clunky when it comes to ease of use. There is a Quick Sale option for non-inventory items as well as for existing inventory items. One reviewer stated that it is possible to have both of these item types in one sale but it was confusing at first to figure it out.


For those of you familiar with Etsy, you will know that they have a transaction fee for each online sale. Fortunately, this fee does not come into play for mobile sales. There is only a flat 2.75% swipe rate and the keyed rate is 3.00% + $0.25. There is not sign up fee or credit check to get started either. There is not mention of whether the app is able to do invoices. This almost seems like it would be unnecessary since a custom listing could be added to Etsy and a client could be “invoiced” that way. Nothing was noted about check processing but most readers don’t have any.

The Etsy reader is free but there seems to be more demand than supply and you have to sign up for the waiting list to get one. It’s not listed on the website but quick search in the forums indicate that there are no current plans for and EMV reader. However, it does also state that Etsy is considered the merchant on record for all direct check out and reader sales. This means that they will accept fraud liability in your stead.  However, if there is an instance of potential fraud, they will still need your cooperation in order to investigate the fraud charge.  I will add that I have watched as a fellow vendor had to be super careful how she used the reader because it didn’t want to swipe.

The support listed online for Etsy appears to be only web based. However, they do have an online contact form where you can actually request a phone appointment with Etsy support. They also have a FAQ section and community forums. The forums seemed to be the best place to get questions answered from my experience

This is a pretty nice looking deal with the integrations with the Etsy online store.




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