Mobile Credit Card Readers: Flint Mobile Reader


This is another card reader that I had not heard of until I started creating my list of popular readers. This is probably because the Flint Mobile Reader is geared to services based small businesses, such as plumbers, photographers, or lawyers. The app is pretty sleek in the photos and is a bit reminiscent of the Square app in that. The app actually takes a photo of the card and you enter the additional card details on the back yourself. The reviews say that the camera takes a little getting used to but it doesn have added security feathers to prevent screenshots or the card and can even blur the card details as you are taking the photo. The cards can be processed via Flint or you can use your own existing merchant account.


The fees for Flint appear to be very low but it only supports Mastercard and Visa. Anyone using Discover or American Express will have to use a different card or the merchant will have to have a backup card reader. There is a flat rate for debit cards of 1.95% and credit cards are 2.95%. There are no transaction fees or keyed fees. Flint also has instantaneous invoicing on the mobile app and payment via the invoice is still the same fee. I did not see anything regarding the possibility of an invoice fee, either. This does give an option for someone who doesn’t have a card on hand that Flint will support. The funding is within 1-2 business days.

Because this reader uses the camera on your phone, there is no actual device needed. Because this is geared toward service based individuals, it makes sense that they don’t offer a POS solution.  They do, however, offer a CRM service to send clients coupons to encourage repeat business. They did offer information regarding EMV and the liability shift. Flint is actually considered ecommerce transactions so there is no change in liability when you use them. This means nothing changes for Flint users.

As for support, Flint does not list any phone support on their website but they do offer live chat option (7am-3pm PST , M-F). They also listed an email service that is 24-7 but is on a ticket based system.

It’s a very interesting reader and very different from all the others on this list.

EDIT: It has come to my attention that Flint has changed hands/ceased operations but I will need to look into this information before I can update the blog to reflect those changes.4/20/16





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