Mobile Credit Card Readers: Pay Anywhere Reader

The next card reader I looked into was Pay Anywhere by Bancard. Although I had not previously heard of it, it was on some of the lists of popular card readers. Pay Anywhere offers mobile solutions and POS registers for storefronts. Both the app and the website seemed bland but they were pretty straight forward. They also have the ability to integrate with existing legacy systems or they can build custom new ones. This could make it easier for some existing small businesses to convert to Pay Anywhere. They also seem to have a large variety of reports on the web version and it has inventory management features as well.

The fees for Pay Anywhere are 2 tiers: Mobile and Storefront (monthly). The mobile plan is 2.69% per swipe, 3.49% keyed +$0.19 and there is no transaction fee. The Storefront options are $12.95 per month and that brings the fees down to 1.69% per swipe, 3.69% + $0.19 keyed and 2.69% for business/rewards cards. This would really only benefit businesses that sell $5,000 or more per month.  They also offer invoice and next business day funding. There was nothing listed about check processing, however.

pay-anywhere 3

Like the rest of the card reader programs the mobile card reader is free with the activation of an account.  The monthly store front plan actually gives you a table, stand with built in reader as well as the app. This is pretty nifty for larger storefronts that can meet that break-even point of $5,000. However there is not mention of a chip reader. They could have it in the works but not having anything about it on their website is a bit off putting for me.

As for support, the website list phone support M-F, 8-9EST, email and live chat. It then divides it up by sales, customer or technical support.  The FAQ section of the website appears to have many categories and video tutorials but the actual answers I found were lacking. Several times I could not find a good answer to a basic question.

I also asked a fellow crafter who had an experience with this device in the course of her business. While the funding was quick the reader itself proved very unreliable and was constantly need to have cards keyed in manually and thus resulting in that much higher fee. Overall, I think this device would be best for a small storefront than for a small craft business.


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