What does it mean to be Creative?

Everyone has the ability to think outside the box and many people these days are on the DIY bandwagon. Is this really creative? Is it letting your work express your inner self? The definition of creativity is to use the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of artistic work.  A photograph of a sunset is not really original but an artist’s ability to capture the unique quality of a particular sunset can be considered original.

In this age of Do It Yourself we have to ask if some of these projects or ideas are an act of creativity. But it is not really that clear cut. Places like Pinterest and Craftsy are great places to learn new skills with the number of DIY projects you can find there. They also offer a lot of inspiration on how you can put those new skills to work in different ways.

But is this being original and is originality the key to creativity? I think being original is a large part of being creative but that doesn’t mean everything that you do has to be an original. The benefit to places like Pinterest is the inspiration and the learning new skills. By learning from example and experimenting with what you learn you can create something that is uniquely your work.

But if originality is the key then how can we bring originality to what we do? To be creative or original we must always put a bit of ourselves into what we create. Everyone is a unique individual and we all look at the world in different ways.  But we don’t always know how to express ourselves until we start experimenting. Replicating a project you find online may not be truly be creative but when you take that project and then put your own twist on it then it can be considered unique. By combining everything you learn with the things that you love then you can create something that is uniquely you and thus an expression of your creativity.
This is just my opinion but please feel free to let me know your thoughts.


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