Our First Vendor Experience: Steam & Stars

Shannon running the Yarntwisters table at Steam & Stars
Go Shannon, go! Even while we’re running the booth, we never stop working on new items!

I am excited to say I have finally become a vendor! Our local gaming Meetup, Raleigh Tabletop Roleplayers (RTR), held one of their quarterly game days, Steam & Stars, on October 6th – and I was able to set up a table to sell our knitted wares! I was a bit nervous at first, but somehow I was able to get everything ready in time. Since this was our first time working as a vendor at an event, I needed to get a lock box, create a display for our price list, make business cards, double check the inventory and, as always, finalize some last minute projects.

Amy Larsen helping out Yarntwisters at Steam & Stars!
Amy was such a big help to us that day!

Since it was a small event by RTR’s standards, that made it easy for us to jump in and out with minimal setup. I was playing in my husband’s Star Wars game early during the day, but thankfully my friend Amy Larsen was able to help out with looking after the merchandise and taking care of customers for a little while until Shannon got there! (Hmm… we need to make something nice for Amy as a way of saying thanks…) We didn’t even have to bring a table – just a table cloth to make the display area look nice. Eventually, though, I think it would be a great idea to have some displays that we can easily transport for future events.

Satisfied customers and friends of Yarntwisters with Jenny at Steam & Stars
The fabulous ladies of Steam & Stars, all decked out in steampunk duds for the event!

This was great exposure for Yarn Twisters. It was a very specific crowd since we were at a gaming event, but luckily we had some products tailored specifically to their liking. All of the witch hat fascinators and Cthulhu dice bags sold! We even sold a couple scarves and wine bags, too. (And in between making sales, I got to shoot Rebel scum and blow up my squad mates with a thermal detonator, heheheh!)

This was a great experience, and we are chomping at the bit for our next event. I wish I could write even more about it, but I need to get back to knitting! Many thanks to Eric Townsend at RTR for letting us set up a table at Steam & Stars!


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